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Fencing Material Options

If you looking to hire a fence company Springfield IL, we ask that you give us a look. At Springfield Fencing Pros, we offer new fence installation services to our homeowners with the following material options. 

Wood Fence

Cedar is one of the most popular forms of fencing since it is used in most households. It has a long-lasting finish, fewer knots, and a characteristic hue to it. More importantly, it never shrinks or wraps, ensuring you decades of mental peace and security. 

Additionally, cedar is resistant to insects and decay. So, it will hold up well against the tiny pests in your soil. However, cedar fences require maintenance because some planks might need occasional replacement, or the fence may need to be painted

Fortunately, along with fence installation Springfield Fencing Pros also offer fence repair services. So, you can give the entire responsibility of your fence to us. 

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Vinyl Fence

Another common privacy fence springfield il option is vinyl. Although the material is quite old, its use in fencing is fairly new. Back in the day, vinyl wasn’t exactly of the best quality, and it lost its color with time. 

However, modern vinyl is a great material for building a fence and the planks are available in different styles and heights. Luckily, vinyl is a low maintenance option. Soil and debris quickly wash away with the use of a hose and brush.

Additionally, vinyl fences come in different thicknesses, and that’s something you might find hard to choose on your own. 

Get in touch with us, and our representative will help you weigh the options and make a better decision. 

Metal Fence

Metal fences may be contemporary or classic, depending on your home’s overall aesthetic and exterior look. Wrought iron fences have a longer life span since the material is quite strong and stands well against natural factors.

Today, you can also choose intricate patterns and different colors for your metal Springfield fencing.

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Chain Link Fence

Since their links have spaces between them for visibility, chain link fences aren’t exactly the best choice if you want a fence for privacy. However, these fences make the perfect addition to your home if you have pets and kids who you need to keep inbound. 

Additionally, chain link fencing is an economical option and fits most people’s budgets. If you want your chain link fences to last a long time, make sure they’re vinyl-coated. Otherwise, chain links corrode over time. 

But worry not; if your old fence has started corroding at the junctions, you can give us a call for repairs.