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Regardless of the fence material and the paint quality, fences require repainting after some years. If the paint has been flaking for a while, schedule a consultation with us, and we’ll guide you on the possible solutions. 

Some homeowners try to DIY the fence repainting task and end up making this worse or injuring themselves. On the other hand, when you choose us among other springfield fence company, you get an inspection with our repainting services. 

Before repainting the fence, we inspect it for any signs of damage. If there’s a loose rail or a broken gate, our experts suggest you the best option, saving you from any problem in the future. We can also repair any issues we see, so you won’t need to find another expert. Springfield Fencing Pros does it all!

How often should you get your fence painted?

Moisture is the biggest foe of fences. Paint creates a barrier between moisture and the underlying material to prevent rotting. How often you need to get your fence painted depends on your region’s climate. 

The standard frequency is every two to three years. You can check if your fence needs repainting using this method: 

  • Throw some water on the fence. 
  • If the water beads, the paint is fine. 
  • But if the water soaks, your fence might need a repaint. 

Sometimes, the paint might start chipping entirely, giving you the most obvious signal that you need to start looking for fence contractors Springfield for a paint job. Since we have been repainting fences for years, we know the task like the back of our hands.

Why you should choose us...

High-Quality Results: If you’re spending your money on buying paint, shouldn’t it be the best option out there? Being professionals, we can easily pick the best paint for your fences, irrespective of the material. 

Customization: When you contact us for any kind of Springfield fencing services, we offer multiple customization options. It’s the same with paint. You can choose the color and texture depending on your taste. 

Quick Turnaround: DIY-ing the paint job will have you spending a whole day in the yard. On the other hand, our professionals can finish the job in a matter of hours since we’ve honed our skills in the past many years. 

No Cleanup: While painting might be fun and games, the cleanup is a nightmare. You don’t want to spend another hour trying to get the paint off your new shoes, do you? Hiring Ford Wayne fence contractors saves you all this hassle. 

Additionally, you can also save money when you hire us for painting your Springfield fencing. While some other Springfield fencing companies have hidden fees, we’re transparent upfront.